Local legend Scott Tracey has been nailing some solid dusky flathead working plastics in and around the racks in Tilligerry Creek, Scott says with this warm water the lizards are hanging around, fish in top condition to 85cm with the old ‘Chase Bait’ live whiting paddle tail plastic doing the damage. Big girl was released.


Reports of blackfish continue this week from the inside of the Nelson Bay Marina near the Coastal Patrol Boat in the avo’s on weed & cabbage baits. I fished the outside of the wall with Nic Young on Monday – we managed a feed although as it’s the start of the season and the fish are super sensitive , I managed to lose 4 fish at the net as did Nick, hence I’d suggest the hook is not hitting the mark which would be indicative of such sensitive ‘ down’s’. I would recommend this time of year; go to 6lb leader, lighter float & with bait less is more. I think making these small adjustments will increase your catch rate until they really turn-on.


In the meantime, Jimmy from Shoal Bay Managed 8 fish on Tuesday morning from the outside on cabbage baits. Jimmy reckons a little aniseed in the berley is the way to go. Scott Vee and Co. also managed 6 so they are there it’s just a matter of a little hard work, more challenging, I think. Also, the long wall at the Anchorage at the bend where the pipe comes through on the inside on weed baits. It’s the start of the season so I recommend that to berley heavy and try both cabbage and weed. The travelling fish just coming into the Bay have been eating cabbage from the ocean rocks. If you use cabbage just a small single leaf with a half-hitch works well, if using weed a loop knot works well to create a solid foundation making it harder for the fish to get the bait off. The odd blackfish is being taken on weed baits from the wharf. Reports the odd blackfish from inside the marina on cabbage baits. Duffs Black fish table is ready to go with weed in-store. Check out;


Terry reports a heap of bait in the Bay- the longtail action in the Bay this week has continued with a couple of fish taken by local anglers.

Garfish biting their heads off at Shoal Bay Wharf. Fish the Western side early morning, you need to get there early to bet the crowd. Basically, they like anything white. Berley is key to attract the fish; they love soaked chicken pellets. Bait a number 12 hook on a floating rig and hang – on! They do travel further into the Bay hanging around Sally Shores Wharf although they tend to concentrate their numbers in Shoal Bay.

Bream from the Nelson Bay Breakwall on live yabbie baits. The fish also appear in good condition. If fishing inside the Marina try in amongst the moored boats with no sinker and open bail arm or free spooling, let the fish pick the bait up and swim away before setting the hook. If fishing on the outside 00 free running ball sinking is recommended. At the beginning of the bream season berley is recommended, soaked chicken pellets work well.   Shape into a ball, which allows it to sink prior to disbursing into the water, the fish will find their way to the source. When cleaning your catch check the gut cavity for the berley. It works.


Wayne taking flathead & bream taking mullet strips from the small wharf at Little Beach. Cast towards the Boathouse Restaurant with a running sinker is the way to go.

Tony continues to report flathead being taken on the Northern side of Upton’s Island in Tilligerry on soft plastics chase bait ‘Rip Snorter’, Target underneath the oyster racks for bream on hard bodies or fish baits.

For squid work Shoal Bay amongst the moored boats around 1.8-2.5 size for green eyes. Let the jig sink for best result before working it back.



As temperature’s drop and the mullet slowly move North the bream are beginning to feed along the open beaches. More solid bream are starting to appear chewing on mullet cubes and pipi baits. The best beaches to nail a bream are Birbui, One-Mile, Samurai and Fingal Bay.

Winter is also a time to target tailor from the beaches, work the deeper gutters and holes for best results here, salted pilchard on a set of gang hooks early morning and afternoon is the way to go here. Best beaches for Tailor are Fingal Bay, Box Beach, Stockton Beach & Samurai. Tailor are good eating fresh and lend themselves well for smoking.

Ocean Rocks


Boulder Bay producing bream and green-eyed squid. Reports of black fish on cabbage baits from bird shit rock at Birbui. I have had reports of long-tail, catches from the Tomaree, Barry Park & Sunny Corner. Although, they are a lot of sharks. I have also had reports of Fish with small metals around Morna Point for tailor and salmon. Reports of Bonito from Sunny Corner and Big Rocky. Reports of Blackfish and small pencil Garfish at Barry Park and around the Ledge.

Last week reports of Bonito from Fisherman’s Bay with the odd tailor in the mix. Timmy reports reds to 1.2kg from Birubi Point on squid baits. Squid reported in Boulder Bay. Tailor, Bonito and Salmon from Sunny Corner.



Murry Howard targeted North Rock and The Sisters for Long Tail and Kings. He ended up with 2 Kingfish around 11kg mark on live baits.

Milan Ivankovic & Tony Young fishing the Tank Reef during the week taking some solid reds on fish and squid baits.

Tom ‘The Tuna Man’ has been taking some nice green-eyed squid around Broughton Island, cover overnight in kiwi fruit juice which will soften in up, then lightly fried squid rings!

Reports of Trag from the SE corner of Little Island on fish baits. Most of the Outer Reefs have reported snapper and trag. Big Tommy and Outer 21 producing reds with some solid flathead on the drift at the 40m mark.

Water was at 22 degrees with bait school in all spots we fished. Some super charger leaping bonito and mac tuna taking small metals.

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