Saturday 22nd July 2017

Reports for solid bream being taken off both the Main break wall and the Anchorage on floating prawn and fish baits. Blackfish continue to produce in and around the Main break wall as well as the Anchorage & Little Beach Wharf. With fish in top condition being taken on both sides of the wall. It appears the outside is producing better, remember having the float sitting too high in the water will make it harder for the fish to take down and they will let the bait go. The float needs to be as low in the water as possible sure makes the difference. Blackfish tip: When it comes to how much bait to use on your little green hook, “Less is more”. If you’re not getting fish and the guy beside you is then ask how deep he is fishing. Be sure to drop into Duffs for some tasty weed. I have had a number of customers ask for weed fly’s, so we now have 3 different types in-store for something different. I personally am a traditional black fisherman nevertheless the reports are the flies work well – so why not? Vass fished the Nelson Bay Break wall yesterday taking 12 cuttlefish for snapper bait. This is the time of year the cuttlefish spawn and they are easily caught on the squid jig making a fantastic snapper, Jew or King Bait. Schools of Long Toms continue off Shoal Bay Wharf snapping at anything that swims past. Reports of Tailor being taken off the Tubes and Shoal Bay Wharf as well as the beach. Reports of bream on fish baits & prawns increasing on the top of the tide. Bream continue schooling on the inside of the Anchorage Break wall at Corlette. Leatherjackets continue taking prawn and baby squid baits off the Sally Shores Wharf. Reports of Flathead at Corrie Island near the ‘Short Cut’ on soft plastics. Jimmy says he is still getting mud crabs in Tilligerry, which is fantastic for this time of year. Reports of Tailor& bream being taken from Wanda Head on fish baits. Numerous reports off bream from the Boulders on tailor and mullet baits. Remember the Month of July is Bream – The Biggest Bream for July wins $100 in-store voucher. Check out our competition page.


Beach Fishing

Saturday 22nd July 2017

Ron Hebbie , in the red Suzuki – which Ron says makes its go faster –  from Branxton is at it again with reports of some fine bream being taken off the Big Beach just past the 5km mark. The Legend of Stockton Beach David Schofeild and his Son Greg Schofield some quality bream and the odd whiting all on pipi baits. I fished the 4km mark on the Big Beach Tuesday night taking 7 bream on pipi and worm baits. Darren Williams from Sydney taking bream & small Jew off Samurai Beach, on pipi worms. Fingal Bay producing tailor and salmon with the odd bream in the mix. Reports of Hungry Tailor being taken at the Southern End of Box Beach on fish baits. Ross reports tailor in front of the Surf Club at Fingal Bay. Soft plastics working well on flathead off Grannies Beach at the top of Fingal. Remember the Month of July is Bream – The Biggest Bream for July wins $100 in-store voucher. Check out our competition page.


Ocean Rocks

Saturday 22 July 2017

Reports of drummer from Barry Park rocks. Metal Lures working well on Tailor off the rocks at Box Beach. Bream taking squid baits in the wash of the Box Beach Rocks. Tailor taking pilchard baits and metal lures off Rocks at Fisherman’s Bay. Middle Rock producing blackfish, bream and school Jew. Black fish being taken off the Point at Sunny Corner S end of One Mile. Ken from Corlette into bream off Birbui rocks on peeled prawns. Snapper being taken off Sunny Corner and those green-eyed squid fellows still hanging around Barry Park at the bottom of the stairs throwing towards the Spit.  Remember the Month of July is Bream – The Biggest Bream for July wins $100 in-store voucher. Check out our competition page.


Saturday 22 July 2017

Tommy and Pete Wade fished Broughton Island during the week with snapper to 4kg and the odd Traglan between 1.5kg-2kg. Ben from Soldiers Point hit the open waters on Monday with a fancy new rod from Duffs and wow something clicked Ben reporting snapper to 1.5kg fishing pilchards in close around Shark Island followed by Tailor and Green-eyed squid – these guys just make it look too easy. Reports continue from Sambo Reef and 21.  Reports of Lobsters from Boat Harbour second week in a row.  Outer Light house continue producing green eyed squid. Tailor off Tommy Rocks working the surface through the week. Reports Jewfish and trag from the Uralla reef on squid baits. Inner reef and 12outer working well on reds.  Reports from Broughton continue this week with Cod Rock, Looking Glass and the Sisters all producing snapper. Some nice drummer taken from the Sisters on coral prawn baits. Remember the Month of July is Bream – The Biggest Bream for July wins $100 in-store voucher. Check out our competition page.

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