Friday 18.10.18

Ian Mcnabe working hard bodied lures from Shoal Bay Beach and The Tubes taking some nice Tailor during the week. Ian reports lots of bird activity with the Tailor working through schools of bait fish. Quick tip, if your casting lures to fish working the surface don’t cast into the middle of the school as this will spook them, work the edges of the school for best results. Ian also been spearing some solid flathead from Shoal Bay Beach between 53-56cm. He ended up with around 1.2kg of flathead fillets which is a good feed.

Blackfish have started to slow off from the main Breakwall during the week with less and less be taken, although if you work hard you still can get a feed. I have had reports of large schools of black around the Tubes; around the below area;

Reports of some rat kings being taken on the outside of the break wall on pilchards, metals and small stick baits. Reports of Jewfish taking vibes lures around Middle Island and the Salamander wreck. Apparently, the rattling hard body vibes have been doing the trick.

Reports of tailor continue from the commercial Breakwall at Nelson Bay (Where the Tea Gardens Ferry departs) floating pilchard baits, cast towards fly point. Afternoon and night are producing the best results. Metals lures are also a fun way to take these fish, throw as far as you can to cover more ground then skip the metal back quick on the top of the water and hang on, the bite on the lure feels like the reel has locked up, when this happens hit the fish. Also try your luck at the Anchorage Marine Corlette for bream, blackfish and tailor.

John & Frank report bream from the main Breakwall continue this week, on floating prawn and pilchard baits. They said they are getting 3-4 bream most days if you work at it. The guys having the most success are bereyling, this is key to attracting and holding the fish in one place.

1/0 hook and small running ball sinker. Let the bream pick the bait up and swim away before striking. When using fish baits always be mindful of best method for baiting is to thread the bait up the shank of the hook leaving the barb and point fully exposed, this will increase your hook up rate You can simply see if the berley is working when you clean the fish the berley will be in the fish’s gut. Don’t strike straight away, give the bream a little line, either use a bait runner feature or open the bail arm or dip your rod. This will give the fish a better chance of taking the bait fully and you a greater chance of a hook-up. It is rather common for bream to swallow the bait. It is not recommended to use circle hooks in this example. Although they limit gut hook-up’s they are more effective with the rod in a set position.

Check out ‘Fishing Blog’ on catching bream from the Breakwall;

or Podcast


Colby Page from Medowie nailed this angry muddie while fishing for bream in Swan Bay. It’s with crab time, those little guys roaming the mangroves and weed bed’s in search of an oily treat! Mullet of course is the preferred crab bait due to its high oil content, although I heard a tip yesterday, those that go outside fishing keep your Traglan frames, apparently, they also have a high oil content and the crabs go nuts for them.

For mud crabs think mangroves and the more upper reaches off Tilligerry and Karuah. For blue swimmers work the weed beds, Sunset & Wanda Beaches around Soldiers Point for example.


Friday 18.10.18

Marc-andre fished Samurai Beach during the week with some nice bream and a flathead for his efforts all on beach worms.

Jimmy Tracey staying with his grandparents at Fingal Bay on school holidays last week is becoming a bream expert with some solid bream from Fingal Spit during the week on metho beach worms.

Remember Ben Abbott from last weeks report check out;

Something Fishy | Pickled worms make great bait for catching bream at Stockton

Old Schoeys rigs are the way to go, recommended by Ben!

Reports of school Jewfish from Box Beach at the Southern end near the rocks. Reports is there are some solid bream being taken from Fingal Bay Beach, work from the Spit South along the beach , pipi, mullet and worms would be the best baits. Ben has also reported tailor from the middle gutter of Fingal. Around the middle of the green sand hills. For tailor look for holes, gutters, rips, any deeper water.

Reports of Salmon on mostly all open beaches. Rob taking some nice fish off Stockton. For those interested in some fun Salmon from all beaches; for those that want a little action on light gear this is the way to go. Salmon hit and fight hard all the way to the sand. Just rubbish to eat. Fish baits and metals the best methods.

For those interested in ‘How to Read the Beach’ I’ve done a general overview with some easy starting points;

Ocean Rocks

Friday 18.10.18

No new news from the Ocean Rocks this week. The Ledge producing pan sized reds. Reports of solid green eyed squid around Fingal Point. Barry Park producing bream and blackfish in the wash around Fingal Point. Reports of drummer from Birubi, Fisherman’s Bay and Boat Harbour. Reports of  squid being taken off Boat Harbour. Reports some big green eyed squid around fishermans bay. When I asked his secret, he said, try everywhere calm bay and squid harder during the full moon phase. He says a calm sea during the full moon phase equals big squid. Timmy reports pan sized reds off cemetery Point taking baby bottle squid. Tailor on metal lures off the rocks at the Northern end of Samuari Beach.

Work Boat Harbour and Fisherman’s Bay with floating pilchards and squid baits for snapper. Timmy reports pan sized reds from rocks at Cemetery on baby bottle squid.


Friday 18.10.18


Not much new from outside this week, John ‘ Stinker’ Clarke reports heaps of tasty lobsters around the rocks, anywhere from Birbui to Barry Park at Fingal. Good old blackfish frames work a treat in the traps.Remember we have handmade traps in-store. Al Mark reef producing snapper, Kingfish & Pearl Pearch in 130m of water. The Tank reef producing snapper and jewfish and Uralla reef producing trag to 60cm on fish baits.

Snapper to 2.5kg from the Gibber reef. Broughton Island the Sisters and Cod Rock producing reds to 1.5kg with the odd small King in the mix. Mal Farmer with some nice reds off Cod Rock this week. Try North Rock for snapper to 3kg and big Tailor. Slimys and Salmon are also around in numbers. Ricky reports some good lump head snapper in deep water out wide, while fishing for slimiles he took an 8kg. Mako on a kids rod on the Eastern side of Big Island but watch out for deep diving Gannets.

Reports from Edith Breaker ( which is a habit zone – Lure fishing only) white soft plastcis appears to be producing some solid reds. They like white.

Winter snapper have been smashing squid and slimy baits close in-shore, Big and Little Island in-close is always worth a pilchard bait or slimly fillet on a 6/0 Octopus hook.

Fish Big Rocky for the odd Red thrown in the mix off the Outer Light. Try for green eyed squid on the Eastern side of Big Island with the odd red thrown in. Some solid Snapper on Southern side of Fingal Island, fish in close, flick into the wash, nuclear chicken shad Gulps producing reds to 4kg. Tank reef producing Nannygai – deep fishing in 80m or so although the rewards are down there. Some good news, regarding the Little Beach Boat Ramp, the council have started shifting the sand early this week. Although, not a definitive solution but it’s a great start.

Big Tommy producing reds and flathead; GPS -320 degrees 45.03’152 degrees 12.56’ slightly East of Fingal Island.


The Fish pens are out of the water for repairs for about the next 6-8weeks. The first lot of farmed kingfish where harvested and all sold locally , which is great.

bream being reported from the Grit Hole , tailor working in schools off the out-light. Flathead being taken at the 40m drop off East of the Outer light. Fish for snapper around the outer light, fish light , berley heavy and let the bait sink into the berley trail to the depth the fish are feeding then hang on.

Trag and reds off Gibber reef. Work the V, 21 and Outer 21 reefs on the bottom for reds and flathead.

Reports of lobsters from Big Rocky and kingfish working the shallows. Little Rocky producing bream in the wash and the odd drummer.

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