FRIDAY 7.5.21

The weekend is shaping-up as a mixed bag, the FC is moderate SSW/SSE winds and increased swell, although at the time of writing wind appeared well under FC for Thursday and Friday. Saturday sunny and 25 so if that swell stays down it may just turn-out ok.

More reports of blackfish from the inside the main Breakwall near the patrol boat, cabbage is the way to go the guys getting between 2 – 6 fish all in good condition. I’d suggest a rich berley mix and a 6lb leader to start. For those starting out with the blackfish click on the below link, these methods work for me & will get you started;

How to catch Luderick – Nelson Bay Break Wall – Duff’s Salamander Bay Bait & Tackle (

Robert reports some solid bream on the inside of the N/Bay Marina on yabbie baits, no sinker and bail arm open. This is the place to target, winter bream & blackfish. Hang-out a live bait for kingfish & long-tail or work the night change of tide for a jewfish – live bait will give you the best results.

Reports of good flathead around the Anchorage Long wall and the odd blackfish on cabbage being taken on the outside around the white pipe. Flathead fisho’s target the Western end of Shoal Bay Beach under Nelson Head working soft plastics/hard bodied lures. White bait on size 4 gang hooks no sinker and slowly retrieved are a gun bait. Also try the boat ramp which is located just East of the Shoal Bay Pub. The advantage of this area is that there is also plenty of water no matter the tide, the sand-based area allows you to use lures without snags. Other species that frequent this area are bream, tarwhine, tailor and sand whiting.

Try the Western side of Garden Island under the oyster wracks produces bream and flathead. Work up into the Karuah River in amongst the wracks for bream. Both Bridges produces Jewfish on the change of tide as does the Tea Gadens Bridge.

Wanda Headland has good deep water around the rocky headland that produces, bream, tailor, flathead and Jewfish. Moving West towards Soldiers Point behind Bannisters Hotel Sally Shores Wharf offers squid, bream, tailor, salmon, whiting. Approximately, 60-80m from the end of the wharf it drops off into a channel around 40metres deep, this area produces kingfish, Longtail Tuna and Jewfish. Ballooning live baits out here is the way to go.

For those that will put the boat in, try Tilligerry Creek for Trumpeter Whiting, flathead and blue swimmer crabs. Remember as of 1st May blue swimmer size increases to 6.5cm.

Work the North end of Feninghamms Island along the shoreline for flathead on plastics. Works the Western side of One Tree and Shag Island for Trumpeter Whiting. For Jewfish work the Western side of Middle Island and the Entrance to Fame Cove during the change of tide with live yellowtails or slimies.

Drift Jimmies Beach West for flathead and whiting. Try the Short Cut for whiting and flathead. Work Orungall Point to Lower Pindimar for flathead. Drift the rock-wall along Piggy’s Beach for bream on plastics or hard bodies.  Into Lobito Point West through to Balberook Cove put your boat onto the sandy Coves and walk the shoreline for flathead on plastics or hard bodies.


FRIDAY 7.5.21

Beach fishing this week has been solid One-Mile and Fingal beaches are alive with sea mullet making their annual run. This triggers bream, tailor, jewfish and sharks all of which like to feed on the poor old mullet. The key open beaches to fish are Fingal, Samurai, One-Mile and Stockton Beaches.

Old Schoey taking some good bream and whiting around 1km mark plenty of worms and pipis which are gun baits. Soon the fish will transition to pipi, yabbie and mullet baits. A beach worm is always worth a throw as the smaller jewfish love them. Nathan doing well with the bream around Middle Rock on yabbie baits. Reports of Tailor and salmon from Fingal Bay on pilchard baits also worth a crack with metals.

For best methods, time/tides etc check out my blog;


Ocean Rocks

FRIDAY 7.5.21

Tuna, Tuna and or Tuna but with these guys comes our friends the sharks. The Ledge has been fishing well although fair few Noah’s patrolling. Good longtail and bonito around Big &Little Rocky, paned sized reds around Barry Park and Fingal Island. Hit Fisherman’s Bay for snapper to 60cm with the odd bream in the wash. The odd drummer turning up around Boat Harbour. Tailor on metals from Sunny corner with the odd bonito. Fish the Birbui rocks for blackfish on cabbage baits. Mac Tuna from Telegraph Point and Tailor to 60cm around Battle Ship rock.


FRIDAY 7.5.21

Outside has been alive with Mac tuna, long tails and bonito. Snapper are biting their heads off in-close. Some big tailor cursing around the Island target on metals.

So many other reefs and spots outside, if you’re looking for a spot to fish, we have all the GPS locations you need – just ask.

Broughton Island around The Sisters, Jim’s Leap, North Rock to Cod Rock everything from Long-tail Tuna to Snapper.

The V or 21 Reefs for snapper or Traglan. Perhaps North to Edith Breaker to work big soft plastics for snapper in the habitat zone.

Those that are new to the area, check out my blog on local boat ramps;

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