Friday 16.2.18

The Garfish have started and are biting their little heads off at Shoal Bay Wharf, some come and get some silverfish and pre-made gar rigs and off you go. These miniature marlin tastes great. Commercial Fisho’s netted a bunch in Kiddies Corner at Fingal. Bonito off wharf at Sally Shores. Noel Martin fished Middle Island during the week with a 30kg jewfish taken on a live yellowtail bait.

Mitch has been producing some fantastic f flathead from Wanda Head on soft plastics. Peter Starr reports Whiting, Flounder & leatherjackets from the Anchorage Breakwall. Try your luck at Roy wood Reserve with a bait pump there for a bucket full of yabbies. A quick tip.  I have personally found that over here its best to wait until the first 2 hours of the incoming tide to pump them, or when the tide has come in past the weed bank.  I have a theory that the yabbies tend to come closer to the surface with the first hint of the new tide. Tailor working in schools off the Anchorage on pilchard and lures.  Flounder being taken around the Port Entrance.

Dick Pond from Lemon Tree Passage reports; Went out Tuesday and found a mother lode of Trumpeter whiting on my favoured drifts. Those chasing blue swimmers are still getting a decent feed, but still good muddies around Bull Island and the Finnegans shore. Dick is a fan yabbies for bait and recommends the below piece of equipment to avoid getting nipped.

Blue swimmer crabs are still around Lemon Tree Passage, Soldiers Point, Wanda Beach, and Sunset beach. Tilligerry Creek producing muddies and flathead around the racks.  Work soft plastics and hard bodies in Tilligerry Creek around Finnigan’s Island and Bobs Farm Creek for some hungry flathead. This spot has been producing regularly.  If you’re keen to start crabbing this year or need some info regarding the rules check out this DPI link or simply pop in the store and we can help.

Please mark your traps correctly

PRODUCTS in-store.  Pre-made garfish rigs and bait. 1kg blocks of Silverfish If you want the fishing report emailed to you weekly simply just complete details on the ‘Contacts Page’. Check out our competition page. The Biggest Dolphin Fish in February wins $100 in-store voucher.




Beach Fishing

Friday 16.2.18

Jimmy from Shoal Bay has been nailing the bream and whiting from the 3.8km mark off Birubi all taken on live beach worms. Garry Morgan has been taking some nice Jew to 10kg from Birbui fishing with Whiting fillets. Mitch from Anna Bay taking some nice school Jew and whiting from Fingal Bay on Duffs metho worms. Reports of whiting along Fingal spit 35-40cm all on beach worms.

For those that don’t know Old Schoey makes his own beach rigs exclusive for Duff, these rigs have been catching bream, whiting, flathead, Jew and Salmon for 45 years. He even makes the ball sinkers with metal rings to clip straight onto the snap swivel. For $6 each it’s a steal. We also have the below worming pilers

Ocean Rocks

Friday 16.2.18

Timmy reports snapper to 70cm from Cemetery Pointon squid baits. Divers report large school of small snapper to 50cm off the Northern end of Samurai rocks. Green eyed squid reported off Boat Harbour with Grant nailing some quality fellows. Ben reports snapper to 1kg off Little Rocky on unweighted pilchards and bonito baits. Work Big Rocky for Lobster, blackfish frames are a recommended bait. Hayden and Bryce report whaler sharks off Tomaree Ledge. No long Tails sighted as yet, although the water temp continues to warm up which is a great sign.


Simon reports squid off Barry Park and the odd Kingfish from Battleship Rock. Work Rocks at the Northern end of Samurai Beach with metals for Tailor to 1kg. Dicky reports solid blackfish from the rocks at Birubi on cabbage. Blackfish also reported from Rocks at Boat Harbour South of the boat ramp. Fish Fisherman’s Bay for snapper to 1.5kg on fish baits. Reports of drummer from Shark island and the grit hole for the odd early bream.

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Friday 16.2.18

Congratulations to Daniel Muscat and the crew of ‘Rascal’ with this 13kg Dolphin Fish from the shelf taken on a live slimy bait. Daniel is this months ‘fish of the month leader’. Reports from the FAD are coming in thick and fast of loads of dollies and kings.

Terry Hunt took Dave out this week to nail his first Marlin, well done Dave with 90kg stripy for his first effort from the carpark. Terry said all boats on the carpark were fighting fish, “If you can’t catch a marlin now you’ll never get one”. Tagged and released.

The ‘talk of the town’ continues this week is escaped kingfish activity around the farm; be aware of the 4 yellow cardinal markers with is the boundary of the exclusion zone. Fisheries have interim legislation in place until 28/2/18.

Providence Beach producing some nice flathead and they are getting some fantastic sand whiting of Coal Shaft Beach.

Hammerhead Charters report good numbers of trag off the V reef. Explore the 21 and Pinnacle reefs for trag and the odd Peral Perch. Work Big Island and Fingal Island for Green eyed squid.

Remember the FAD is out there; Latitude South 32’ 46.967’ Longitude East 152’24.703’ which is 22.5km from Tomaree 120m deep.

 Remember the shootout 16th & 17th February and the Interclub 23rd & 24th

Trailer Boat Competition 23rd, 24th & 25th March

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