FRIDAY 16.07.21

Blackfish has fired-up off the main Breakwall with the majority of fish being taken on the high change on the outside. Cabbage, weed and weed flies are doing well. Fish to 38cm & bigger in top condition.

Fish the change of tide on the outside of the wall, consider your depth between 10-12ft, ensure the float is set low to the water-line and less is more when it comes to bait. Bait presentation is key, ensure there’s not too much, in the case of using weed I’d suggest a loop knot to secure the bait and don’t make the tail under the point too long avoid bunching up as the weed expands in the water. If using cabbage then one leaf pulled up over the eye of the hook with a gentle half hitch. Both of these methods make it harder for the fish to get the bait off which will give the angler the opportunity to ensure a more solid hook-up.


How to catch Luderick – Nelson Bay Break Wall – Duff’s Salamander Bay Bait & Tackle (


Something Fishy: Luderick season in full swing

John ‘Stinker’ Clake


Something Fishy: Luderick season in full swing | Port Stephens Examiner | Nelson Bay, NSW


Bream have been slow in the Bay to date, with reports of commercial mess netting around the inside of Tomaree being a contributing factor. Frank reports the odd bream on floating half pilchard baits from the main Breakwall. Holding the fish in a certain place with chicken or prawn pellets. Upon cleaning the fish their gut cavity will reveal chicken pellets. The rig is really simple, 10-12lb mono. with 00 or 0 ball sinker to a 1/0 Mustard Penetrator hook.  In super calm water no sinker at all is suggested. Let the bream pick the bait up and move off before striking, perhaps using a bait runner featured reel or an open bail arm will increase the chances of the fish shallowing the bait.

Some solid snapper coming off the long wharf at Little Beach. Reports of school jewfish at the drop-off at the Western side of Middle Island on vibes and live baits. Reports of some cracking bream from the disable wharf at the Southern end of Little Beach near the Boathouse Restaurant as well as the odd blackfish.

The Sally Shores wharf producing some solid green eye squid on 2.5 size jigs. Tailor being taken from Shoal Bay Wharf on small metals.






FRIDAY 16.07.21

The ocean beaches are alive with travelling bream in top quality condition. Birbui is producing fish to 40cm full of row taking pipi baits. Fish gutters, rips and holes on the low water around half tide coming -in target banks. I merely fish sunrise or sunset regardless of tide with good results.  Plenty of pipis along the beach although remember they can’t be removed past the high tide mark. U can of course use them to fish off the beach.

Catching Bream from the Open Beaches – Port Stephens – Duff’s Salamander Bay Bait & Tackle (

Fingal Bay producing bream and tailor tossing full pilchards into a deep gutter will produce a tailor salmon or maybe even a jewfish at the right time. One-Mile and Samurai also producing bream, tailor and salmon. The old fish-cakes aren’t considered a table fish although if you want a fight, they are the target for you.

Ocean Rocks

FRIDAY 16.07.21

This is the time of year to target the rock blackfish, drummer are a hard fighting fish of which you can give no quarter. Berely is key , bread and prawn heads into the wash fire them right-up. Peeled prawn onto a double strength hook and hang-on. Try Boat Harbour , Fishermans Bay and Birbui, look for washy conditions.

Reports “Green eyed” squid around Birbui Rocks, look for the calm bays and kelp beds. Terry’s tip is let the jig sink to the bottom, “count to 10” then work the jig. Each squid jig comes with ‘sink’ rates which bascially tell you how fast the jig sinks. Your objective is to get the jig above the kelp/seagrass and lure the squid out of hiding. The idea is not to hit the bottom and get snagged. Also reports of squid from Barry Park.

I have had 1 report of Long tail this week off the Tomaree Ledge. This spot is very popular landbased game spot although be prepared for a long walk and lots of sharks. I did however hear there were plenty of slimly baits in the water.

Reports of some super solid blackfish off the Rocks at Boat Harbour all on cabbage baits. Duckie reports blackfish around the Rocks a Birbui and Boat Harbour all taking cabbage. Reports of drummer being taken off the tubes, the fish are only small but still full of steam.

Black fish are on the chew around the rocks at Birubi all on green weed. Fish Cemetrey Point for snapper to 60cm on unweighted pilchard baits, Timmy reports tailor on metal lures off the rocks at the Northern end of Samuari Beach. The Ledge has been producing bonito, and the odd mac tuna.


FRIDAY 16.07.21

Peter Silcock with some nice reds around the Outer Light. Fish for snapper around the outer light, fish light , berely heavy and let the bait sink into the berely trail to the depth the fish are feeding then hang on. Work the V, 21 and Outer 21 reefs on the bottom for trag, reds and flathead. Alex Shipley fishing wide getting into some quailty Bar Cod.

Some solid bream being reported from the Grit Hole , tailor working in schools off the out light. Flathead being taken at the 40m drop off East of the Outer light.

Reports of lobsters from Big Rocky and kingfish working the shallows. Little Rocky producing bream in the wash and the odd drummer.

Little Beach Boat ramp remains closed & under upgrade.

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