Friday 24.5.24

The weather conditions for most of May have been average at best with plenty of rain, cooler temp’s & what appears to be on-going Southerly influences with a little West thrown in for good measure. Hopefully we have had our rain quoter and moving into actual Winter starting next week the weather may stabilize.

The Nelson Bay Breakwall has been working well for bream, blackfish & tailor. The blackfishing has been patchy, there are a lot of smaller fish in the mix although they are biting very timidly. The odd angler is getting their 10 but from what I’ve seen they are putting the hours in rain, hail or shine. Both cabbage and weed are working well, although I’d suggest now berley is key, consider a rich berley mix with a little aniseed oil thrown in for good measure. With timid fish lighter FC leader will get you better results – 6lb just be mindful if you go lighter when don’t try to muscle the fish – nice and easy to the net.

It’s only the start of the season with June and July being great winter fishing months. For those wanting to start blackfishing this year or are looking for some helpful hints check out;

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Or listen

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Long Tail Tuna being reported from the Main Breakwall and Little Beach Wharf on live baits. With all this rain May has been a great time to target jewfish from both the main Breakwall and Anchorage on both live baits and big plastics, 1 hour each side of the tide change is the way to go for best results.

Frank has reported some nice bream in good condition to 35cm on unweighted fish baits, bereyling for bream with pellets 1/0 suicide hook with 00 – 000 running ball sinker to the hook. Tailor taking unweighted pilchards on gang hook or small metals 20-30grams will do the trick. Tailor “poor man’s game fish” is a quality table fish if eaten fresh also lends its well to smoking due to its oily nature.

I’m still receiving reports of flathead taking plastics, target fish at Shoal Bay, Little Beach small wharf and Nelson Bay Beach around Fly Point. Bream being taken from the Oyster racks off Garden Island as well as along Piggy’s Rockwall on bait and hard bodies.

Reports of Jewfish from Middle Island on the tide change, as the fresh pushes through target Tea Gardens bridge for jew on a night tide change. As well both the bridges at Karuah River would be worth a try.

On the grabbing front mud crabs reported around Bulls Island with the odd blue swimmer around Mud Point. All in all crabs have been slower than normal this year.




Friday 24.5.24

Before the most recent S change the beaches have been producing solid bream to 35cm with the odd bigger fish taken from Birbui. Fingal Bay, One-Mile and Birbui being the pick of the beaches. The odd whiting has been taken in the mix if your using worms or yabbies, although if targeting bream pipis, yabbies and mullet cubes are the way to go.

For those starting to target bream this year from the beach check out below for some helpful hints;

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Beach Fishing the Winter Months – Duff’s Salamander Bay Bait & Tackle (

Reports of tailor to 60cm plus, which are big fish for this area, taken on full pilchards or metals with the best beaches being Fingal and Box Beach. Reports of Jewfish from Fingal and Birbui on fresh dead tailor to 10kg, as with the Estuary its best to fish an hour the side of the tide change.

Ocean Rocks

Friday 24.5.24

Few more drummer around this year with reports from Boat Harbour and Fisherman’s Bay of fish to 40cm. Reports of tailor from rocks at the N end of Samurai on metals, long tail tuna reported from Sunny Cnr. and Boat Harbour.

Some big green-eyes being taken from Boat Harbour. Pan sized reds being taken from Fisherman’s Bay on floating fish baits. Long tail tuna and sharks from the Tomaree Ledge on live baits.


Friday 24.5.24

Some good quality fish being taken when conditions permit. Laurie reports pan sized reds from Cod Rock and North Island. Kingfish to 90cm from North Rock. Peter Silcock with long tails to 15kg from the Little Gibber on live baits.

The V and Outer 21 Reef have been producing reds and trag, with the odd bigger trag in the mix. Pan sized reds and tailor from the Outer Light with Tommy Rocks producing bigger reds to 60cm from the washes. Snapper also reported off Boat Harbour in the washes with lobsters on the chew there.

Reports of flathead on the drift at the 20m mark

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