FRIDAY 19.11.21

Les reports both mud crabs and blue swimmers in Tilligerry Creek.  Blue swimmers try , Pindimar, Taylors Beach, Sunset Beach and Mud Point for a blue swimmer feed.

Handmade crab traps in-store now – for the serious crabber!

Please remember to mark your crab floats correctly so the DPI don’t seize them. For all the local crabbing rules;

Fish the Short-Cut for sand whiting with live worms and or nippers. Reports of flathead, we had a great year last year with the lizards so fingers crossed we can do it again. Best spots this week were Wanda Beach, Tilligerry Creek, Little Beach, Fly Point (from the sand), Shoal Bay Beach, Taylors Beach, Sandy Point and Jimmies Beach. The fish are being taken on both baits & lures. For some flathead surface fun, the old bent cross fires are the way to go, acting like a wounded bait fish in the shallows the lizards fly out of the water to wack them,

Arrow Squid are worth a try at Little Beach in the avo/night.  Drift Jimmies Beach for sand whiting & flathead. Work the drop-off’s around Middle Ground for sand whiting and flathead. Try between Red patch Pt & Sandy Pt for sand whiting and lizards.

Bream from the racks around Garden Island prawn and fish bait enough to get a feed, some of the fish have spawned and are on the thin side but a few still in ok condition. Best method 00 running ball sinker onto a 1/0 Mustad Penetrator hook and let the fish take the bait and swim away before striking. Use the bait runner feature on your reel or if not then perhaps consider opening the bail arm to let line peel off freely. Fish at the end of the wall. If fishing night and early morning then berley with chicken pellets or similar for best results.




FRIDAY 19.11.21

Well, done to local beach fishing guru Martin Harris with his first jewfish that went 15kg on a method beachworm fishing the sunrise from Fingal Bay Tuesday morning. Together with Gary Howard 4 warp and Old Schoey’s beach rigs Martin has ticked off one from his bucket list early into his beach fishing career.

Reports of a few sand whiting from Fingal Spit on beach worms with the odd bream in the mix. Fish cakes appear on most open beaches. Th water remains a little cool, Birbui remaining slow with bream taking worm baits with the odd whiting in the mix. As the tide rising the whiting & bream move from the deeper water and feed on the banks so target these areas for the best results.  Don’t cast over the fish. Reports from One-Mile and Samurai all are producing bream with the odd whiting and fish cakes.

Perhaps turn your hand to catching them I have plenty of worming pliers for the beginners they work a treat and nothing is more satisfying than catching your own bait, pop-in and I can talk you through worming anytime.

For those wanting to start beach fishing this year, it’s a lot of fun, very relaxing and gives you the opportunity to catch a fantastic feed – the humble sand whiting is without doubt one the best table fish the hands-down. Check-out;

Ocean Rocks

Snapper in the Bay

FRIDAY 19.11.21

Reports of blackfish from Barry Park and Boat Harbour. Unconfirmed report of an 4kg snapper from the Tomaree Ledge earlier in the week, with snapper being taken from Fisherman’s Bay and Boat Harbour on floating fish baits. Heaps of Lobsters along the coast-line this season try Barry Park and Birbui Point. Nathan reports plenty of tasty treats around Birbui Rocks – remember we have handmade lobster traps in-store all year round.


FRIDAY 19.11.21

This weekend’s conditions;

Anna Bay Weather Forecast, NSW 2316 – WillyWeather

Peter Silcock and Ben nailed some quality reds around the Outer Light. Reports from Big Tommy of Trag and reds. Reds to 1.5kg around Big Island on plastics, snapper also reported around the Outer Light on floating bonito baits. Trag reported from 21 reef and V reef with the odd table size red in the mix. Uralla reef producing Jew.

North Rocks producing small kings, with Wayne and Jim getting some trolling live baits early in the week. Cod Rock producing reds on the change of the tide on floating fish baits. Narrow Gut producing small reds and flathead on the drift.

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