Tonight, for those interested NSW Marine Parkes Association Sea Stories Presents: “Where we were & Where we are going – Fishing in Port Stephens by John Stinker Clarke “Friday 12th July 7pm Tomaree Library;

A weekend of westerlies so key fishing spots for the kids are: Shoal Bay under Nelson Head, inside wall of the main break wall and maybe Sally Shores Wharf. Fingal Bay and Box Beach would be the pick of the beaches offering protection from the Wind. Tilligerry Creek would also be worth a look. The other side of the Bay up into Tea Garden and Fame would be ok although you need to cross the Bay with that wind. Best boat ramps in these conditions would be Lemon Tree Passage and Soldiers Point , I would stay away from Little Beach until this wind dies down and or changes direction.

The black fish are biting for the Holidays;

With young John Burke 11 from Canberra fishing with Uncle Nic nailing some fish in quality condition. Using cabbage and drop of aniseed in his berley.

If you’re having a crack at the blackfish then I would recommend this time of year; go to 6lb leader, lighter float & with bait less is more. Berley, berley, berley! Try adding a little finely cut-up aniseed to your berley mix. I think making these small adjustments will increase your catch rate until they really turn-on.

Berley is making the difference. The fish are in top class condition and up to 45cm, which is a big fish on 6lb leader. Make sure you have a long net.

The fish are working both sides of the wall with late afternoon 4pm and dark fish near the Coastal Patrol Boat on weed & cabbage baits. As the weather improves and the water temp. continues to drop then I think they will start biting their heads-off. There are definitely plenty in the water.

We have green weed available

For those interested check out;

Or listen too;

This may help increase your catch rate.

Nathan the butcher from Anna Bay nailing a 3kg snapper from the end of the break wall while fishing for bream, all on a yabbie. For snapper in the Bay try either the Anchorage Long Wall, Wanda Head, Nelson Bay Break wall or the long wharf at Little Beach, there throw to second drop-off towards the yellow buoy on the change of tide and hang-on! This area can produce fish 5kg plus.

Some quality bream from the Breakwall to 45cm all on prawn and fish bait, 00 running ball sinker onto a 1/0 Mustad Penetrator hook and let the fish take the bait and swim away before striking. Use the bait runner feature on your reel or if not then perhaps consider opening the bail arm to let line peel off freely. Fish at the end of the wall. If fishing night and early morning then berley with chicken pellets or similar for best results.

If you’re willing to brave the wind then a Jew would be worth a go, I hear there has been a few caught this week. Try Tea Gardens Bridge or Middle Island on the Eastern side. Flathead still taking plastics, hard bodies and fish baits between Red-patch point and Sandy Point and up in Tilligerry Creek. Work areas where the flathead would hide to ambush bait fish as the tide moves.



The beaches continue to fire with bream to 45cm being reported from Birbui on pipi worm & yabbie baits. Old Schoey from Anna Bay delivering the goods. Try the 4, 6 and 8km marks. Get down there early or fish into the night for best results. Also reports of Jew being taken at the 10km mark on whiting fillets.

For bream the pick of the Beaches this weekend are Box Beach and Fingal Bay.

Winter is also a time to target tailor from the beaches, work the deeper gutters and holes for best results here, salted pilchard on a set of gang hooks early morning and afternoon is the way to go here. Best beaches for Tailor are Fingal Bay, Box Beach, Stockton Beach & Samurai. Tailor are good eating fresh and lend themselves well for smoking.

Ocean Rocks


Reports of black fish on cabbage baits from bird shit rock at Birbui. I have had reports of long-tail, catches from the Tomaree, Barry Park & Sunny Corner. The Garfish are still here with water temp around 19-20 degrees If Longtail your hunting then the Ledge is the best place to try as well as Sunny Corner, which is located slightly South of the Rocks at the Southern end of One-Mile Beach.

Some nice snapper to 50cm have been reported from the Ledge on prawn baits. Boulder Bay producing bream and green-eyed squid. Although, they are a lot of sharks. I have also had reports of Fish with small metals around Morna Point for tailor and salmon. Reports of Bonito from Sunny Corner and Big Rocky. Reports of Blackfish and small pencil Garfish at Barry Park and around the Ledge.



I have had reports Monday that the Long Tail are still around the Little Gibber. There were a number of snapper taken this week during the lighter Westerly winds, The Prince from Shoal Bay Delivering the goods with 3.8kg fish on bait. Sadly, this weekend will be a wipe -out outside I’d suggest, and when that wind stops I think you’ll find the swell pushing back hard, when that settles later next week that will be the time!



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