Friday 6.5.22

From the end of the Easter Holidays into the start of May weather conditions for the most part have been good. The odd day of rain with cooler conditions in the mornings the water temperature remains warm for this time of year.

The big flush of our estuary system has certainly activated the fishing with everything from blackfish to snapper in the bay together with both mac and longtail tuna while flathead have been reported in many spots.

I have also had reports of blue swimmer and mud crabs in and round North Arm Cove and Tilligerry Creek.  The snapper in the Bay have been crazy I have seen pic’s of fish to 99cm which are huge and many others around 80-90cm from various fisho’s – not many of which are keen to share their locations and pic’s which I understand that being said the snapper are in the bay and feeding on whole squid, fresh/dead fish baits so find a reef location / structure and work the change of tide with your baits down a long berley trail and you’re in with a chance.

For those keen blackfisho’s they are here and taking baits, the main Breakwall is the key location, inside near the marine rescue boat in the afternoons, if you like fishing in a swimming pool! I’d prefer to fish the outside wall on the tide change. Both weed and cabbage are working well I’d suggest a rich berley mix at the start of the season with a drop or two of aniseed. All reports are the fish were sizable and in good condition with 6 and 8’s being taken.

For those interested in starting blackfishing this season, check-out;

How to catch Luderick – Nelson Bay Break Wall – Duff’s Salamander Bay Bait & Tackle (

Reports of flathead from Roywood Reserve, Nelson Bay Beach towards Fly Point, Northern end of Dutchies Beach and Tilligerry Creek. Fish taking both plastics and bait. Remember flathead will wait in hiding to ambush their prey as swim’s past.

Long tail Tuna have been reported from Both the Anchorage and Main Break walls as well as Wanda Headland and Little Beach Boat Ramp. Reports of fish to 18kg from Sally Shores Wharf and The Tubes. Some larger Mac Tuna in the mix in the tuna schools. Plenty bonito on the move in the Bay taking small metals.

Hit Shoal Bay wharf for the last of the garfish, as well as the odd Tailor on metals or pilchards. Bream to 1kg from the small wharf at the Southern end of Little Beach with the odd black fish starting to hit the nets. Reports of flathead from Rocks Awash to 60cm on plastics.

The odd jew being taken on the tide change Western side of Middle Island and Entrance to Fame Cove. Winter whiting on the chew on the drift West of Shag Island and North of Bulls Island, prawns and worms doing the damage.



Friday 6.5.22

Water temp is warm and a few sting rays still around, the odd whiting from Fingal Spit, Southern end of Box Beach and One-Mile. The mullet run was patchy this year, perhaps some more to come. The odd bream reported from Birbui Beach on pipi baits although this will increase as the water cools. The bream are in great condition at this time of year with a high fat content and start feeding more on crustations, pipi and yabbie baits. Beachworms, are a great bait although more a bait for the warmer months.

Reports a few whiting hanging around Middle Rock on the One-Mile Side on worm baits. Also, a chance for a small jewfish around the Middle Rock Structure. Tailor are another popular winter fish chased from the sand, the deeper beaches such as Fingal and Box produce quality fish, fish sunrise and sunset pilchard baits or metals fun to catch although really need to be eaten fresh. They lend themselves well to smoking or make great jewfish bait.

For those interested in starting beach fishing check out:

Catching Bream from the Open Beaches – Port Stephens – Duff’s Salamander Bay Bait & Tackle (

This should give you a starting point for some winter beach action.

My understanding is that both Samurai Beach and Birbui Beach 4wd accesses are open, although this can change so be sure to check;

Worimi National Park | Local alerts | NSW National Parks

Or call the National Parks Office on: (02) 4984 8200

Ocean Rocks

Friday 6.5.22

Rocks at the Southern the end of Box Beach tailor being taken on sun rise and sun set on pilchards and metals. The odd drummer in the wash around Boat Harbour on prawn baits, blackfish on cabbage baits from Boat Harbour and Barry Park.

Sunny Corner is worth a try for Mac Tuna and long tails as is The Ledge. Big Rocky producing the odd lobster and Little Rocky pan sized reds in the washes. Fingal Island producing reds to 3kgs on floating fish baits and the odd bream and drummer. Tailor and bonito from most of the ocean rock locations at the moment.

Some nice drummer from Cemetery Point as well as blackfish and bream. Rocks at Birbui near the white pole producing some solid black fish.


Friday 6.5.22

Snapper is the word on the street, Peter Silcock fishing Little Island and Outer Light with some fantastic results on the reds to 3kg, with drummer and bream in the mix. Fishing light into a berley trail target the wash areas for best results.

North Rock producing kings to 5kg with the odd snapper in the mix. Gunsight reef producing Cobia, V and 21 Reefs trag and reds. Flathead to 50cm on the drift at the 40 metre mark on fish baits.

Jim’s Leap and Cod Rock at Broughton for reds.


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