It’s holiday time so one for the kids if you’re out on the Bay is to Drift for Trumpeter Whiting between Soldiers Point and Snapper Island fish work the swallow spots around 12ft-14ft deep with prawns or worms. Some fantastic Land based holiday spots for young kids are; Shoal Bay Beach near Nelson Head is great, with a view of the Port entrance, no stags and where tides don’t matter target whiting, bream and flathead from the Sand. Best Baits worms and soft plastic or hard body lures. Little Beach – fishing from the beach target bream and flathead with fish baits and or lures NB: Only fish between the wharfs Sally Shores Wharf – Target bream and flathead with fish bait, baby squid or prawns. This spot has a great view of the Port Entrance. Black fish are still chewing their little heads off with the best spot being the main break wall. Remember having the float sitting too high in the water will make it harder for the fish to take down and they will let the bait go. The float needs to be as low in the water as possible sure makes the difference. Blackfish tip: “Make sure as then season comes to an end consider smaller hooks as the fish become more sensitive.” If you’re not getting fish and the guy beside you is then ask how deep he is fishing. Be sure to drop into Duffs for some tasty weed. I have had a number of customers ask for weed fly’s, so we now have 3 different types in-store for something different. Rat kings are taking anything you throw at them off the main break wall, have a look around ‘Simba’ which is moored on the inside after the last light post. Local champ Corey nailed a 4kg rat on whole squid baits. Be warned once hooked they will run hard to any structure so they have a serious advantage around the Marina. Harley & AJ fished Wanda Head yesterday nailing a 60cm lizard and some solid bream on fish baits and worm. Daily reports from the main Break Wall are that the bream are there in numbers and taking floating fish baits. Daniel from DPI fished the wall Wednesday night taking 10 bream in short order – all were returned, Daniel just likes catching. All fish were taken on ‘Duffs’ brined pilchard baits.  Reports of flathead on the drift along Jimmies Beach and working soft plastics along Shoal Bay Beach. Dave Cashel, aka. Mr. Pelican, fished Little Beach this week and landed a rather unusual dweller of the deep; a Numbfish, this fish looks more like a sting ray but a WARNING to all, the Numbfish is ” Capable of producing a severe shock, causing temporary paralysis” Check out Dave’s Pic, just so you know what a Numbfish looks like so as to avoid them. As you will see nothing scares Mr. Pelican, Duff recommends not to handle Numbfish. As we move into the warmer months with water temp. increasing we start to target our more popular summer species. Summer flathead; DUFFS Tip when fishing for flatties is Keep moving until you find fish. A big difference between flathead and many other fish is that when they are in a feeding mode, they don’t move around as much as other fish. They move only to break camouflage and attack. They stay still until their food comes to them. So, you need to bring your lure past their nose.  A few casts in an area for no result and it’s time to move on. This is why drifting and casting or trolling are popular methods. Once you do find fish there can be multiple in the area so keep casting, especially when it is in “high traffic” bait areas like converging channels. James is a great example here taking some nice flathead from the sand around the Anchorage using salted bonito strips from ‘Duffs” The Biggest Kingfish in September wins $100 in-store voucher. Check out our competition page. Sunday 15th October is National Fishing Day.


Beach Fishing


Reports from Ronnie is that he’s taking solid tailor from Fingal Bay, fish to 60cm are thumping tailor. Flathead continue to gobble down fish baits around the Spit and towards Box Beach Rocks. Salmon have hit the beaches with reports from One-Mile, Samurai, and Box Beach all reporting fish cakes on the chew. If nothing else they are a fun and make either great cat food, fish cakes or trap baits. The Legend of Stockton Beach David Schofeild & Greg fished the Big Beach with bream and tailor being taken pipi and metho worm baits at the 4km mark. Noel from Sydney fished 6.8km this morning with 4 bream around 38cm mark on pipi baits. Vass from Soldiers Point fished Fingal with Live Yellowtail on Tuesday night with aspirations of a Jew but… 1 Hammerhead, 1 Bull Shark, 1 Port Jackson Shark and big Tailor 60cm plus. So excited about his adventures with battling JAWS Vass-man ventured the next night to the Stockton end of the big beach and… no sharks but a nice 7kg Jew taken on a fresh dead yellowtail bait. Check out Vass Pic, he’s a bit of a show-off. Speaking of the Stockton end of the Big Beach, word on the street from a couple of commercial fishos is that the whiting are schooling in the Harbour, so not long now!

Ocean Rocks


James reports snapper off Tomaree on floating pilchard baits. Harry from Anna Bay reports blackfish to 1kg off Bird Shit Rock Anna Bay on cabbage bait. Metal Lures are working well on Tailor at the Northern end of Samurai. Fisherman’s Bay and Boat Harbour both producing snapper to 2kg on floating bonito baits, Ernie reports Tailor off the rocks at Fisherman’s Bay South of the Boat ramp.  Lobsters at Big Rocky chomping on blackfish frames. Remember the Month of September is King fish – The Biggest Kingfish for September wins $100 in-store voucher. Check out our competition page. Sunday 15th October is National Fishing Day.



Looking Glass, Cod Rock and the Sisters all producing snapper to 2kg. Green-eyed squid around shark Island. Hayden taking snapper to 60cm drifting off Tomaree on Nuclear Chicken Zman soft plastics. He also reports some super big green-eyed squid on steroids around Boondelbah Island. The Inner V and 21 have been producing small trag and the odd Jew. Reports off the odd monster King being taken from Almark. Flathead drift off Box Beach producing a good meal of lizards. Work the drop-off South Pt of Fingal Island for Reds and small kings on bonito strips. Ben from Soldiers Point has gone and got himself a little red boat, Ben assures me when all kitted out the ‘SS Minnow ‘will strike fear into fish over 10kg, stay tuned. Remember the Month of September is King fish – The Biggest Kingfish for September wins $100 in-store voucher. Check out our competition page Sunday 15th October is National Fishing Day

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