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Wayne reports some fantastic fish from the small wharf at Little Beach. Wayne has been targeting both bream and flathead on mullet strips, taking a 78cm flathead (released) during the morning high. Night has produced bream with one fish tipping the scales at 1.5kg cleaned, Wayne said the average bream are around 800 grams and all in top condition full of milk/row. Casting towards the Boathouse Restaurant with a running sinker is the way to go.

Monday, I had an unconfirmed report of a Long Tail being taken at the Entrance to Fame Cove from a previously reliable source – so take this info with a “grain of salt’ although Long Tails were taken at the Sisters Tuesday (See Outside Report). If your keen for a Longtail then look for them working the bait schools in the Bay. Best spots to try would be The Ledge or Sally Shores Wharf ballooning out approx. 80m off the end to the 40m channel with a live bait.

Increased reports of bream from the Nelson Bay Breakwall on fish baits. The fish also appear in good condition. If fishing inside the Marina try in amongst the moored boats with no sinker and open bail arm or free spooling, let the fish pick the bait up and swim away before setting the hook. If fishing on the outside 00 free running ball sinking is recommended. At the beginning of the bream season berley is recommended, soaked chicken pellets work well.   Shape into a ball, which allows it to sink prior to disbursing into the water, the fish will find their way to the source. When cleaning your catch check the gut cavity for the berley. It works. Nathan reports the odd blackfish from inside the marina on cabbage baits.

So that little bit of rain did spark some Jewfish activity with reports of fish coming from both break walls. If you’re keen to catch a Jewfish the best land-based spots are the main Breakwall, The Anchorage short wall and the end of Sally Shores Wharf. For the boat try around both Karuah Bridges or the Tea Gardens Bridge. A live slimy/yellow or whole squid and you’re in with a big chance. For those that like using lures, when the water dirties-up white 7’ paddle tails would be the go. Bright coloured lures would get good results in dirty water.

Tony and Nick Young have been fishing Shoal Bay Wharf reporting solid catches of Garfish. Fish the Western side early morning, you need to get there early to bet the crowd. Basically, they like anything white, Berley is key to attract the fish, they love soaked chicken pellets. Bait a number 12 hook on a floating rig and hang – on! They do travel further into the Bay hanging around Sally Shores Wharf although they tend to concentrate their numbers in Shoal Bay.

Ian Mcnabe fished in the Pirtek challenge Sunday, he managed 5 flathead to 50cm and some Leaping Bonito that were busting up in Shoal Bay on small metals as well as the odd green-eyed squid. Continued Reports of rat kings working the surface inside the Nelson Bay Marina.

Arrow squid in the afternoon at Little Beach, work your jigs from the long wharf across the boat ramp and from the beach. Small 1.8g get the best results, try a more aggressive action with the jig, sometimes a couple of hard pulls with the rod then let the jig sink back down before a slow turn of the reel then two more pulls of the rod and repeat.

Green eyes being taken from Shoal Bay Wharf and in amongst the boats moored off Shoal Bay, this spot has been producing squid for the last 4 weeks.

Simon Hofer fished the Southern side of Tilligerry Creek off Nelson Bay road taking some solid bass to 50cm on surface lures. Black appears to be the colour delivering results.



Old Schoey has been getting some good whiting with some solid bream from Birubi, although not in big numbers the fish have been in top condition. He’s fishing the ‘Dog sign’ with live beach worms & pipi baits.

Ben Coady and the boys have been walking from the Birbui surf club South just past the past the flags with live worms and ended up with 30 whiting between the 3 guys all around 33cm mark with a few 38cm ones in the mix.

Reports of bream from Box Beach with the odd fish from One-Mile. Reports of school Jew from Northern end of Samurai and the odd tailor from Fingal just North of the surf club in the gutter. I have had reports of mullet at Fingal, the Commercial Guys are there daily watching and waiting. SW winds have been forecast in the next few days if this happens then a good chance this will move greater numbers of mullet. They appear a little early more and more mullet will appear around April, then come the bream.

Ocean Rocks


Reports of Bonito from Fisherman’s Bay with the odd tailor in the mix. Reds to 1.2kg from Birubi Point on squid baits. Squid reported in Boulder Bay. Tailor, Bonito and Salmon from Sunny Corner. Port Stephens Council have opted in to Life Jackets from the Ocean Rocks, I will keep you all updated see;

Fish with small metals around Morna Point for tailor and salmon. Reports of Bonito from Sunny Corner and Big Rocky. Reports of Blackfish and small pencil Garfish at Barry Park and around the Ledge.



Shaun, The Butcher from Medowie loves a rump steak – but for him it’s time for tuna steak! Fishing Tuesday morning with Junior Duffman Ollie and Little Peter Silcock from “Sneaky Pete” The Sisters produced 2 Longtail around 19kg mark, plus 10kg Cobia and a good lot of reds. Reports of plenty of yellow -tail and slimies around all bait grounds.

Reports of reds to 2kg fishing floating pillies and squid around Telegraph Point. The Gravel producing reds and flathead. Reports of Trag from the Uralla reef, snapper from Big Tommy and Outer 21 producing reds with some solid flathead on the drift at the 40m mark.

Work Inner Rock for Kings and Jim’s Leap for reads to 3kg. Coal Shaft Bay producing sand whiting.

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